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Gas Prices

by on January 21, 2012

Gas Prices



  • Search for Gas Prices by Zip Code
  • Search for Gas Prices by City and State
  • Search for Gas Prices by using a clickable map interface
  • Results are sortable by price, gas type and station
  • Results are mapped with google maps to the gas stations location
  • Visitors can display gas prices for any chosen zip on their own website, helping you to build a viral linking campaign generating more traffic to your own website.

Main Features:

  • uses mod_rewrite creating search engine friendly html pages on the fly!
  • Viral linkbacking so that when a visitor uses the javascript code to display gas prices on their own website, it will show powered by “”!
  • Fully automated and self-updating. The script does everything for you. Requires no work on your part.
  • Easy to edit look and feel using any html editor program you prefer, such as dreamweaver.
  • does not require register globals as it incorporates all security protocols including but not limited to variable initializing, and input taint checking / cleaning. For example, to prevent such beasts like SQL injection, email injection, and variable injection!

Site Requirements: PHP 4.x or greater, mod_rewrite and MySQL

Live Demo:

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