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Top Gun

by on January 21, 2012

Top Gun


Top Gun is an interactive game in which users try to shoot the bandit as quickly as possible. Basically it is a mouse reflex game.

The top 10 scores are recorded as the “Top Ten Sheriff’s” of the Day. Also the worst score is record as the “Town Drunk”.

The innovative part of the site is that the user can record their score with a user name, but also at the same time associate that user name with a link. Basically, a free text link to the top 10 scores and the worst score.

This idea is two fold, first it keeps people on the site to try to get into the the top 10 to get their free text link ad. Also, since the scores are reset, that will keep them coming back.

This is a unique script. I came up with this marketing idea and haven’t seen it implemented anywhere else.

Site Requirements: PHP 4.x or greater and MySQL

Live Demo:

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